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Sell or Pawn your Diamond Ring in Melbourne

Need to get a loan on a diamond ring? Want cash fast? At Melbourne Pawn Shop, we’re here to help. If you want to sell diamond rings for cash, we can give you the money you need in just a few minutes!

We’re the best place to sell diamond rings in Melbourne. Learn more about the process below, and see why you should pick Melbourne Pawn Shop.

How Do I Pawn My Diamond Ring For Cash? 3 Simple Steps

Our shop is the best place to sell diamond rings in Melbourne. We make it easy to get the cash you need in just 3 simple steps.

  1. Come to Melbourne Pawn Shop – Our office is conveniently located in the Melbourne Central Business District at 1411/227 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC. We offer easy train access, and free parking if you’d prefer to drive.
  2. Get a quick appraisal for your diamond ring – Looking to sell old diamond rings? One of our in-house experts will give you an accurate, fair estimate for your jewellery. We pride our honesty and integrity, and guarantee that you won’t get a higher estimate from any other pawn shop!
  3. Get cash immediately for the value of your diamond ring – Ready to sell your ring? You can get cash of its value immediately. Then, you’ll be reminded about your monthly payment by text message when it’s time to repay!
Pawn Diamond Ring

In just a few minutes, you can get the cash you need for emergencies with a pawn loan on diamond jewellery in Melbourne from Melbourne Pawn Shop!

Why Is Melbourne Pawn Shop The Best Place To Buy And Sell Diamond Rings?

Don’t bother Googling “where can I sell diamond rings?” You’ve already found the best option for selling diamond rings in Melbourne. Why? Here are a few reasons you should choose Melbourne Pawn Shop.

  • Low, transparent rates – Our rates vary from 2-10%, based on the value of your loan. You can see a full breakdown of our rates here. We believe in being honest and transparent about our rates. While some of our competitors may charge a 35% or higher interest rate, we keep your fees low – saving you money and giving you more flexibility!
  • Your items are safe – For all items worth more than $1,000, we will keep them in a bank vault in a secured location. You won’t have to worry about theft or break-ins – your diamond ring or other jewellery will remain safe and secure.
  • Flexible loans – You can extend your loan as long as you keep making your monthly payment, or pay it off early for a discount. We even offer grace periods and forgiveness for late payments and nonpayment – if you can’t make your payment, just call us to work something out!

For these three reasons (and many more) Melbourne Pawn Shop is the best option for selling your diamond rings for cash.

Contact Us Or Visit Our Office Now To Get Started!

Got questions about selling your diamond ring for a pawn loan in Melbourne? Feel free to contact us online, or stop by our office in Melbourne at 1411/227 Collins Street Melbourne, VIC to get started. We hope to see you soon!

Loan rate per month

$20,000 + 2 - 3%
$10,000 + 4%
$4,000 + 7%
$1,000 + 8%
$200 + 10%
  • Cash on the spot

  • Highest prices paid

  • We lend to everyone

  • No appointments required

  • Sell or Loan against diamonds